Deep in the Mong - Dr. Reza Mia

Doctor Reza Mia

Dr. Mia is arguably one of the most successful aesthetic doctors on the entire planet right now, boasting a clientele of celebrities and elite athletes.

We discussed everything from biotechnology and anti-aging solutions like platelet-rich plasma, to the changing ideas around men taking better care of their appearance.

Deep in the Mong - Dr Reza Mia

Deep in the Mong - Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou

Before she was an international cult phenomenon singer/songwriter, Alice Phoebe Lou used to work at the very average coffee store below my studio in Cape Town. Shortly after she made her way to Berlin and became uber famous by doing live busking on the streets

We caught up to talk about the creative process, life on the road, the challenge of being sustainable in a capitalist society, crazy german stalkers and much more.

DITM Alice Phoebe Lou